14 Reasons to Buy from Skier to Skier

Some say it -- we are committed to living it.

  • We are honest hardworking people.  We will not lie to you nor cheat you.  We will treat you fairly.
  • We have been around.  Max has been skiing for over 40 years. 
  • We have unmatched technical support.  We specialize in problem solving.  We even have people call us for tech support when they purchased items from our competitors.
  • When it comes to Speed Control, we know it.   We have committed to being the most knowledgeable people in the world on speed control.  We know how to set it up on your boat.   Not because we read the manual.  Because we have done it.
  • We give back to the sport thousands of dollars each year.  There are some in the skiing business who feed off the sport. Others build the sport.  We are committed to building the sport.
  • We know our products from the skier's perspective - be it competitive or the weekend warriors.  We are not like mail-order where the sales person reads the manufacturer's sales spiel.  You will get our opinions.
  • We put tech support phone calls ahead of sales.  We will not add sales until we support what we have sold.
  • We are a stocking dealer and also stock a complete selection of repair parts.  
  • Absolute commitment to knowledge.  We will not sell anything that we have not used and completely tested. 
  • We get our hands dirty.  When you ask us a "how to" question, we have done it.
  • We offer a great protection level.  We will be your advocate.  If you buy from the manufacturer, you only have one level of customer service.  Because we move volume, we have more clout.  If you buy from a mail order catalogue company, you get lost in the numbers.  We are the guys you see face to face at tournaments, promotional events, etc.
  • Max has been involved in the R&D of many products including: timers, props, magnets, speed controls, handles, fins, barefoot gear, and slalom course components.
  • We have been around.  We started this company in 1991 selling to friends -- the customers that we have to look in the eye everyday.
  • We offer unbeatable prices.
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